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Ficlets: Gabriel & Holly

Author: Calex
Rating: PG-13 for lots, lots and lots of swears. The kids have such a bad habit about cussing.
Disclaimer: They are mine. That is all.
Summary: The chronicles of an acerbic, bad tempered, antisocial, violent Cambion and his biggest weakness... his best friend, Holly.
Notes: Sort of part of the Oblique Reference Project. Namely, the Human Realm one. Gabriel is a Cambion and Holly is his best friend. To get a feel of their characters before I write the main story (and because they won't shut up), I'm writing a series of ficlets about them. Doesn't need to be read in any particular order. And comments are very much welcome and unlike Gabe, I don't bite. Or shoot people. Or threaten to stab them in the eye. Much. *grin* Also, yes, Holly is a boy. This story is slash.

1. Wherein childhood friendship begins.
2. Of Puppy Dog Eyes and Penguin Suits
3. Fashion Statements and French Cuisine
4. Usual Order (a sort of continuation to #3)
Tags: oblique reference, original writing, slash
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