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Artistic Licence

Words are Worth a Million Pictures...

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This community is aimed for anyone who wants to write. It doesn't matter what you write, be it poetry, a novel length story or just drabbles. Hell, even songs. The writing can be original fiction or fanfiction, but basic rules are as follows:

1) no flaming. You flame anyone on this community, you will be warned. Second time in flaming, you'll be suspended for a week. You do it again, I'll be forced to ban you. See, I'm lenient that way.

2) No plagiarising anyone's work. This is all your own stuff, here. If I find anyone plagiarising, I will ban you.

3) Work must be 100 words or over. Anything under that and it's not really obvious. So please. Nothing under 100 words.

The rules will be updated sporadically. Work will usually be left to the author's pleasure, but we will have the occasional challenge, just to spice things up. The owner of this misfit community is madannekidd, also known as Calex. So welcome and start writing in Artistic Licence. Members of this community tend to ship certain ways. Don't give them any grief if they write a certain pairing that you abhor, don't send them any messages with things such as "omg teh uber ebilness!!!111!!!!" or something to that effect. They ship one way, you might do so another way. No need to get nasty.

Other than that, you're free. Start writing, we'll be looking forward to your contributions.