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Fic: Broken (1/1)

Title: Broken
Author: Calex
Rating: 15
A/N: Continuation from Datenshi Blue. Also, written for a sort of "game" on my LJ. Anyone is willing to join in. Just leave me a comment with a first line, or a line of dialogue, and I'll write you a short ficlet. You can choose to just place the beginning, or you can also choose a 'verse which you want the ficlet to be in. The 'verses I offer is stated at the beginning of the entry. You can have up to five ficlets. I hope you all place some requests.
Summary: I could not clearly remember his scent, could not clearly remember the touch of his hand, the kiss of his lips even as I felt branded by him. Even as my very body sings his name, even as my blood pulsed through my body with a steady beat of "Lucas, Lucas, Lucas".

("Do you enjoy being actively broken?")
Tags: original writing, slash
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