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Off Topic advertising

So ivorytowers and I made a new community for our pet project, a slash original fantasy round robin. relativus_lima is its name, slashing is the modus operandi. We're looking for other writers who are interested. We'd be interested to look at a sample of your writing. Our first story, we've roughly decided, will contain vampires, dhampirs, slight magic, is set sometime in the past, contains a number of magical and mythological creatures, demons etc.

Aside from that, we are looking to make a banner for the community. Problem is when it comes to being put on the spot about hot guys, we're stuck. So It'll be nice to see who you guys consider to be your flavour of the week, or your celebrity crushes or models or anything. Any guy you find attractive. Just post their names in a comment, it'll be a great help. I want to start making the banner soon-ish.
Tags: oblique reference, round robin, slash, writing
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